Monday, March 31, 2008

Dreary Day

It's raining, and thundering and lightning. A very dreary day. The ground here is already soaked to the max, so lots of water is running off. Am glad we don't live near any rivers, but feel so very bad for those folks who do and who have to contend w/ all the flooding.

So what to do on such a day? Why knit, of course. I really should get back to my spinning though, have so many yummy fibers waiting to be spun. Just haven't taken the time out of the knitting to do it though. Have been working on a number of original sock patterns. And designing patterns is rather time consuming~!

Uh oh, think I had better get off line and shut this puter down, it is getting rather strong out there. More tomorrow.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Very FIRST Blog!!!

WOW, ok, this is in red because it is a red letter day so to speak. I am embarking on a new adventure here. Yuppers, first time to do a blog.

So here I am now, and believe me this will be a real learning experience for me. I am NOT a puter person at all, am going to have to learn a whole lot of new stuff for me, hope I can get it all right. Not going to write anything else, just going to get this thing all set up now............I hope. Hugggles, Vala